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I seriously cannot understand all the complaints about iTunes.

Unless I'm really under utilizing it, it works perfect for music, as a matter of fact, it's playing my music right at the moment. The album view is great, my music is sorted by genre and artist too, so I can quickly find the song I'm looking for. Lyrics work great as well. I also do use it to sync music to my iPod s and that also works flawlessly, so that's not it either.

Maybe you guys are shopping through it and that doesn't work as it should? If somebody could quickly summarize what they don't like about it, I'd greatly appreciate it. I hope the next app is, well largely the same I just hope Apple doesn't dumb it down and messes up our neatly crafted music libraries. Updated FAQ incoming: Where is my music? In Music. That's where you can play music from Apple Music, which you may subscribe to.

But your music that isn't in Apple Music can be played in Music, so you can still access your music in Music without subscribing to Apple Music. Now when it first launched. It was smooth, fast and very responsive for it's first few years.

It only became the bloated pile of poop after a few versions as they added more and more things without ever making sure it was efficient and optimised. Princess Cake. Apple: Getting rid of hardware and software to make room for more hardware and software we're gonna get rid of. MacBook Pro Fall ?

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See Full Product Calendar. The outage has been ongoing since a. Pacific Time, and Apple LIFX earlier this year teased the Candle Color, a candelabra bulb that uses Polychrome Technology, which is a fancy way of saying it can display more than one color at once.

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Now the Candle Color is It is fire season in California right now, Alongside of the release of iOS Apple today released tvOS Google is in talks to acquire popular fitness tracker maker Fitbit, according to Reuters, which could help the company better compete with the Apple Watch along with its existing Wear OS smart watch After an all-time-low price hit the AirPods with Charging Case last week, a few new retailers have now discounted the more expensive AirPods with Wireless Charging Case.

You can get the Qi-compatible Apple has started advising iPhone 5 owners to update to iOS Advertise on MacRumors. Our Staff Arnold Kim. Eric Slivka. Juli Clover. Joe Rossignol.

Marianne Schultz. Dan Barbera. Mitchel Broussard.


Tim Hardwick. The problem was that the state of premium-priced games on mobile was becoming increasingly dire, which made investing a lot in the game a risky proposition. Then Apple Arcade came along. The final product, Card of Darkness , was one of more than 70 launch titles that debuted alongside Apple Arcade last month , and to develop it Gage collaborated with indie studio Choice Provisions and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward.

With the premium market all but untenable for everyone but the biggest games, Arcade has now become a home for mobile games that otherwise might not have existed on the platform. For games, this can be a tricky thing.

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Whatever and however developers are being paid, it appears to be enough to give them the ability to focus on the kinds of games they want to make, rather than the kinds that currently dominate mobile app stores. The most lucrative apps for both the iPhone and Android remain free-to-play titles, usually from giant studios like Tencent, Supercell, and now Nintendo. And in many cases, Arcade served as something of a lifeline for smaller studios.

The final product is around 20 hours of narrative-driven content, not exactly the kind of thing that is easy to price for a user base accustomed to free. But being part of a subscription service felt like a great middle ground. Noodlecake was in a similar position.

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There were a number of titles the studio was looking at, but was unsure of where they could live before Arcade came along. For developers, though, this may not be a huge loss. There are added challenges that have arisen from Arcade. Many studios had to dramatically speed up production in order to hit the September 19th launch deadline, and Arcade games have certain requirements that make them more technically demanding than a typical App Store release.

Arcade games need to support multiple platforms with differing control schemes — iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac — and they also need to be localized into 14 different languages. These are great features for users, but can be challenging for developers. Mobile game development is typically a metrics-driven business; developers can look at how users play their games, and tweak things to better serve their audience or, in more sinister cases, figure out how to squeeze more money out of them. And given that Arcade is such a tightly curated service, it gives Apple even more control over the games a very large audience will play.

That said, the service may also be a necessity to get away from the outright dominance of free-to-play games. Many of the people I spoke with said that the existence of Arcade has changed how they think about upcoming projects. Arcade also comes at a time when subscription services, both in games and for other forms of entertainment, are becoming increasingly prevalent.

But most developers I spoke to seem to think that the sheer scale of Apple means that Arcade has a better chance than most of becoming a long-term success. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.