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You need to be careful here, as promotional leaflets for many credit card schemes use a neat double-counting trick. So the credit card only adds one extra point. Every loyalty scheme has its quirks and can be manipulated. There are two obvious routes: first, try to earn more points for the same spending; next, try to beat the average point's value on whatever you redeem. To help, here are scheme-by-scheme point-maximising tips. You can earn them by shopping in store or online at Tesco and when buying fuel at Tesco petrol stations.

Each Clubcard point is worth a penny if used for in-store shopping, and they're sent out in vouchers if you've at least points on your account every three months.

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To get them, log in to the Clubcard app or your online account and say you'd like to turn your points into Faster Vouchers. They'll appear in your Clubcard account within 24 hours. It's possible to get back lost or unclaimed Clubcard vouchers if they're less than two years old. It lets you store your credit or debit card and Clubcard details, then quickly pay for shopping and automatically collect Clubcard points at Tesco by scanning the barcode in the app.

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They can be spent on train tickets, bicycles, jewellery and more. A few partners let you exchange vouchers for something without a strict cash value, eg, Avios points, though the boost's roughly the same. That's on top of the points you'd normally collect.

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This means you could do ALL normal spending on it to rack up the points, stashing away the cash you'd normally spend, then pay it off in full within 24 months. You earn:.

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As with the credit card, rather than use reward points to cut the cost of the weekly shop customers should convert points to Clubcard Boost tokens to get best value. You'll need to register your Clubcard with Tesco Mobile to start receiving points. Note, you won't get points if you top up from a cash machine or shop that isn't Tesco.

Look out for any Tesco promotions offering extra Clubcard points. These can open up loopholes where it's worth buying the goods even if you don't want them. The best examples are the famous Johnson's Baby Powder and beef-in-gravy loopholes which originated on this site and ended up in all the papers. They worked like this:. When you bought any two Johnson's products, you got extra points.

The cheapest item was baby powder, at 76p. With the similar beef-in-gravy episode, one MoneySaver bought a few hundred pounds' worth, donated it to a homeless shelter and used the points for a return trip for two to New Zealand. Be careful with these loopholes, as Tesco reserves the right to block people for fair usage breaches.

Even if you can't make a profit, the bonuses can lead to serious discounts. Unlike previous years, you won't be able to exchange your points in store though Sainsbury's said you can ask for help in store if you're having trouble. If your item is worth more than the value of your voucher, you can pay the remaining total in cash or by credit or debit card.

You'll need to have at least points left on your card to do this.

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If you change your mind about a double-up item, as long as you have proof of purchase and it's in its original condition, it can be returned or exchanged within 30 days in line with Sainsbury's usual returns policy. The app also gives you a new 'digital Nectar card' you can scan at the till, though your physical card will continue to work as normal.

If you're already a Nectar cardholder, you don't need to create a new account, but to access the new offers you'll need to use the Nectar website or app and if you used the previous version of the app, you'll need to make sure it's updated. Don't worry about your stash of Nectar points though — you'll keep any you accrued before the revamp and will be able to see your total balance in the updated Nectar app. Each Friday, you'll be sent a range of points-boosting offers to choose from, based on your shopping habits eg, 20 bonus points for buying Sainsbury's haddock fishcakes.

You can view the offers on the website or app, and 'save' the ones you want to use before doing your Sainsbury's shop. To get the bonus points, scan your Nectar card at the till your physical card or your new digital card via the Nectar app. Any bonus points you've earned will then automatically be added to your account. Sainsbury's says its tills will continue to print paper coupons with bonus Nectar point offers, as before. Usually when spent in store at Sainsbury's, each Nectar point is worth 0. Choose the priciest hot drink available, and you could get a decent boost.

The redemption process varies by retailer. To be eligible for the points at least part of your journey must be on one of the lines. See the Nectar website for more. Earlier this year, Nectar switched its petrol station partner from BP to Esso. You won't earn Nectar points on tobacco-related products, phone cards, baby milk, stamps, utility cards, e-top ups and lottery tickets.

And of course, don't let loyalty points determine where you fuel up, as Esso may not be cheapest. You get:. But don't use this as an excuse to spend more than you normally would. Make sure you fully clear the card by the end of the 25 months or you'll be charged Once you've registered and done the welcome survey, you'll be entered into a competition for a chance to win 10, Nectar points. You'll get an email when there's a new survey to complete. There are points to be had simply for using the internet.

You get a further one point for every two internet searches you make, up to a max of points a month.

Some require a spend, eg, bonus points on your next shop at Sainsbury's. But occasionally you can find an offer for bonus points without any spend required — you just have to log in and load it to your card. You'll receive Nectar points just for signing up and registering your card. Oxfam may recycle or reuse the item if it doesn't sell. You won't get any points if this happens, but you'll still have done your bit for charity. Shoppers can collect the points at all Morrisons stores, at petrol stations on items other than fuel you get more for fuel, see below and at Morrisons.

Spending at Morrisons' flower shops and garden centres is also included. Morrisons also plans to run promotions to allow you to collect extra points on some products. Boost your money-off vouchers when you buy fuel at Morrisons petrol stations. For every litre of fuel you buy you'll get five points. You automatically get your money-off vouchers at the till in stores or petrol stations once you've accumulated 5, points.

Vouchers are valid until the date printed on them 56 weeks from the date you reached 5, points , so you can hold on to them but our advice is usually to spend them as soon as possible to avoid losing them down the back of the sofa. They can't be used to buy fuel, lottery tickets, prescription medicines, infant formula milk, gift vouchers or cards, mobile phone top-ups, stamps or tobacco.

Each point is worth 1p and can be redeemed on most things in store — don't forget about them, as your points will be wiped if you don't use the card for two years. Once you've downloaded the app, link your Advantage Card to it by adding your card number, date of birth and postcode.

Then simply select 'Advantage Card' in the app, and it will show a barcode for you to scan in store. Once you've linked your Advantage Card, you'll need to go into 'My Offers' and load the bonus points to your card.

When loyalty pays

We've checked with Boots, and it says this is being offered to those who've previously downloaded the app. The app's also handy for boosting your points stash as you can load personalised offers to your card.

Though of course, as the offers are personalised, not everyone will receive the same ones. When one hits it's worth collecting together everything you were planning to buy in Boots to grab the excess. Boots sends out a weekly email to Advantage cardholders with deals to earn extra points and coupons which can help you maximise existing points. For example, it might offer a bonus points for buying a particular product. Compare prices at other stores to see how much you'd pay for these items if bought in cash. Pick the one that's the best use of your points.

Therefore the Blu-ray is a better use of your points. If you're not happy about your product or the service you receive, you should first contact the shop in person, by phone, or in writing either via an online form on its website or a traditional letter. However, if you're still not satisfied, you can escalate your complaint to the relevant ombudsman or trade body - for more info, see our Consumer Rights guide. Loyalty Points Boosting. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site. It's worth noting this means the third party used may be named on any credit agreements.

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