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He doesn't go nearly into as much depth in this course and it really left me wishing for more. I'm on section 9 lecture 70 and I think it's pretty great. Hadn't touched elixir or backend programming much in general and I feel the course is doing a great job explaning the how and why of both elixir and phoenix. Definitely wanna hear your review when you're finished with it.

I've made about half of it. I like it.

I think you need to take into account that that is a workshop and not a course. There is a difference. The good part is that you are practicing to do the apps together with the instructor. The other part can't call it bad , that this workshop should not be a single source of information for you.

Show Notes

It should go hand in hand with a book or other resources. Regarding the book, I would recommend Dave Thomas book.

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It not only contains the explanation of the topics but also asks you to do the exercises. By doing them you can dramatically increase your level of understanding. As someone who has been programing for a while now, I found the little projects like the image one to be truly a fun experience. I enjoyed the instructor, as he isn't monotoned and doesn't glance over topic's like how many Udemy instructors tend to do. Cake Day.

Our Guests, Richard Feldman and Tessa Kelly

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Thoughts on this elixir course on udemy.

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I'll check that book out. Continue this thread. Offer not valid where prohibited or restricted. Do not use near water.

Hyperledger Fabric Network Design & Setup

Side effects may include increased knowledge and skill, increased marketability, deep satisfaction, and an incurable curiosity. If you've never taken one of their premium video courses, this is your chance to learn in a pragmatically different way at an amazingly low price. For software developers, learning within the context of building a real application makes a huge difference. Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas founded the company with a simple goal: to improve the lives of developers. We create timely, practical books, audio books, and videos on classic and cutting-edge topics to help you learn and practice your craft.

We are not a giant, faceless, greed-soaked corporation.

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We're a small group of experienced professionals committed to helping make software development easier. There are also requests for documentation if you are interested in contributing but not quite ready to dive into the code.

#1 Complete Step-by-step Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Using C#

All of the tasks are labeled with their type and a relative complexity so there should be something for everyone. If you can help them out, check out the roadmap and join the wallaby channel on the elixir-lang Slack. Elm functions in WebAssembly. Code Quality Challenge - A Diary. Taskbook - Like Trello for the terminal.