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A little more info: we used to think that selling coupon inserts was fraudulent. The reason I was told selling inserts was wrong was because the coupons intended for one area need to stay in that area. It happened to my own Aunt in Maryland and in finding an alternative for her, I found that the Wall Street Journal sends the coupon inserts out with their subscriptions on Saturday.

Those coupon inserts are not from MD, they are from NY which proves that it is not illegal, nor unethical. Both Insert Insanity and WizClips work directly with Newspaper companies so you can be assured that these are legitimate companies. There are several sites that sell coupon inserts or coupons themselves , but not all companies are the same which is why we have chosen to partner with these sites only.

If you live in the Tampa Bay FL Area, it is about the same price to order the inserts from Insert Insanity or to get a subscription from the newspaper company directly the Tampa Bay Times. I also had two more sets of shelves, just like the ones for my stockpile, which I kept in a closet under the stairs.

How To Get More Coupon Inserts To Save You Money

Those too, were filled to the brim with food. Yes, I find enjoyment flipping through the circulars and seeing what items were on sale. It brought me joy to match a coupon up to a sale at the store. But going through checkout was an adrenaline rush. Having the conveyer belt completely full with food. To hand over a wad of coupons, carefully matched up with the items in the cart. To watch the total gradually get lower and lower.

To watch the reaction of the person behind me when they saw I was getting three times as much food as them yet paying only a fraction of what their bill was going to be. I had a big binder like this one filled with coupons, organized with dividers and baseball card holders. Planning a shopping trip took several hours worth of clipping, organizing, making lists, double checking sales and even a check-out strategy to ensure I paid the lowest out of pocket as possible.

When my responsibilities at home started slacking — laundry not getting done, late starting dinner and not doing such-and-such activity with the kids — my husband asked me how much time I spent couponing. That was one sign that it was time to stop.

How To Get FREE Coupons!

He was tired of eating out of boxes. For our sake, and for our kids. With the shift towards real food, I found myself couponing less and less.

I learned how to decipher labels and read ingredients and became skeptical of everything that came in a box. When I flipped through the coupon booklets with glasses of suspicion, very few items, if any, made the cut. Not all food in boxes is bad, but in my experience, buying boxes leads to relying on boxes, and that is a slippery slope.

But before you know it, that box is part of your weekly shopping list.

6 Ways to Get Your Hands on Extra Coupons

I can almost hear it now — folks are going to chime in and say they use coupons all the time for real food. That their grocery store has coupons for produce each week and they use rebate apps …. E-coupons were fairly new when I quit coupons. To be honest, e-coupons back then were nothing more than glorified paper coupons.

But of all the coupons that are offered as a whole — store, paper, digital — there are probably less than 5 each week for real food. And frankly, that feels generous. In the years since I quit coupons, I refocused my energy into planning better and shopping smarter. I now have a rock solid method in place for getting the best deal I can on real food and it works every week. I spent a month of Sundays, inspecting the coupon inserts, reviewing store sites for digital coupons, digging up rebates in Ibotta and comparing it all to the weekly sales.

I had three problems with this turn out. I could have used 2 cans at the most, but you had to buy 4 to use the coupon. I still use a few mainstream techniques for saving money on real food without coupons, like finding rebates on Ibotta and shopping in bulk. Would you like to learn more? I use to use coupons but never to the extent in your article.

Top 10 Ways to Get Coupon Inserts for Free

That has given us an opportunity to try a new product without having to buy it. This store also gives military and senior citizen discounts during the week, plus the free item. Their milk, most meats and most produce are locally sourced — a big plus in my book. I do have some friends who try do extreme couponing. We also make our own soap and laundry detergent which saves even more.

Components are cheaper than the finished product. Well said Linda! The fact that you do is icing on the cake.

Like you, I now buy in bulk from Costco, make a lot of our cleaners and toiletries with homemade and have found that components are cheaper than the products in the long run. It just took me extreme couponing to learn it, lol! I would have written this exact article! Except for the extreme part of couponing. We, too, never use coupons. Thus, there are too few coupons to make it worth our time. I agree! I am so tired of nickeling and diming, looking through ibotta or cartwheel for the scant produce coupons, while there are huge discounts for beer, soda, expensive branded items, etc… I am sick of target trying to confuse me by making me purchase dollars in diapers to get a gift card!

I hate coupons and the time it takes me to go through looking for a deal. Target is the worst- they will have branded items with a coupon and cartwheel and then put their generic on sale at the same time!

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So then I have to whip out my calculator and talk to myself like the crazy person I am! Yes, great post! I shop sales more often than coupon matchups now. It is way too time consuming, and as you said, entices me to buy unhealthier alternatives. Ridiculous waste of space! I am a frugalista and couponing is one of those ways I stay frugal. And it bothers me.

Hint: Not every newspaper offers the same coupons.

Because physical clutter does cause mental clutter too. All that being said, I still am a fan of using coupons. I realize that in some areas of the country it is more worth it than other, and I happen to live in NE Pa where I have some really great grocery stores that make couponing totally worth it for me! I typically ignore the processed food deals and focus on what works for us. And of course there are lots of great deals on personal care items and household things like toilet paper, tissues just got a bunch for free!

And I do admit, that once in a while I do end up doing a deal on processed foods too, like last night when I got a couple of bags of Sun Chips for free thanks to a deal. Honestly, I feel like coupons have been a huge blessing for our family. They feel like a tool that God has given us. I do respect your reason for stopping and I realize that coupons are not for everyone because of the time investment that is required. I appreciate you and your blog!

6 Ways to Get Your Hands on Extra Coupons

I rarely use coupons because they are almost always for the more expensive items I never use. It probably helps that I never lived near a grocery store that did double coupons, or any of those other crazy things. I know people who use coupons a lot and swear they save a bundle, but even when I collected them for products I actually used or wanted to try, most of the time I found I could get the item cheaper on a decent sale.