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Small shareholders are the focus of the corporate governance system, with strong regulations often designed to protect their interests over those of large shareholders. Therefore in such a system a great deal of disclosure of corporate information is normally required by the law. Outside block shareholders may be efficiently able to monitor the management of such companies and may also contribute by rendering expert advice leading to a reduction in agency problems between shareholders and managers. Reducing agency problems can lead to an increase in firm value as reflected by an increase in stock price.

While phenomenal research work in the west has been concentrated in the area of corporate ownership and control, the developing economies have seen very less research in this area. The behavior of stock prices around large transfer of shares is of paramount importance for the market regulators on the one hand and for large institutional investors on the other. Market regulators are concerned with overseeing the fairness in transactions, ensuring liquidity and safeguarding the interests of investors particularly the smaller ones.

What is bulk and block Deal? How to use in analysis?

Large institutional investors are concerned about the impact costs involved in undertaking large trades. The price impact of block trades has been the subject of considerable research. Most of the previous studies examining block trades investigate the American stock markets and the well-developed European markets. Existing research documents that equity block transfers result in a substantial increase in stock prices resulting in positive excess returns and therefore they are seen as value enhancing events Barclay and Holderness, , pp.

What are Block Deals and Bulk Deals?

Except for a few studies Atanasov, , pp. Therefore it is not clear whether the results of such studies are meaningful for much smaller and emerging markets with an altogether different market structure. This study looks into the effect of block trades on equity share prices on the Bombay Stock Exchange BSE , which is the oldest stock exchange in India.

Our results also lend support to the evidence documented in the literature as we find that stock prices generally increase on average around 1. Such block deal trades must always result in delivery and cannot be squared off during the day.


Block deals are always conducted in a special trading window which is opened for a period of 35 minutes before the start of the normal trading hours. Moreover, the no.

For a block deal to get traded , the quantity and the rate should be exactly the same as the opposite side block order deal. Block deal orders will be matched against the counter order with the same quantity and rate on a time priority basis.

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A Block deal cannot be partially traded and if not traded fully the order will get cancelled. The block deal order remains in the system only for a period of 90 seconds after which it automatically gets cancelled if it remains unexecuted. In the above case, the buy block deal order will get matched with the sell block deal order as the quantity and the rate of both the orders is the same.

In the above mentioned case, the buy block deal order will not match with any of the sell block deal orders as the quantities do not match although the rate is the same. For the block deal order to get executed both the price and the quantity to be traded shall be exactly the same.

What is Bulk Deal and Block Deal on BSE & NSE?

The difference between a Block Deal and a Bulk Deal has been summarised below. When the trading volumes in a stock increase, it creates all sorts of rumours including a potential sale by the promoter or an increased interested from the institutional investors. Before these guidelines for disclosure of Bulk deals and Block deals was issued, such transactions were completed in secrecy. Apart from the parties involved i. The introduction of the Bulk Deals and Block Deals is therefore considered very good as it gives greater transparency and is basically meant to clarify and explain the reason for the increase in volumes.

IIFL Market Update

Such block deals may not necessarily mean that the price is expected to go up or down. However, in case of bulk deals happening on a continuous basis in a share, it could be a sign of big variance expected in the share price in the near future.

Yet this could also happen in operator driven counters. Blindly following the block deals and bulk deals information is not a good investment strategy. Investors are advised not to blindly assume that the price will increase or decrease on the basis of such deals and investors are advised to look into the fundamentals of the company, its past performance, future plans etc before investing in any company.

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