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The Walt Disney Co. Williams Titans. The year is , and the school board has been forced to integrate a mostly white school with students from a mostly black school. Herman Boone, a black coach who recently moved to the area, has been given the head coaching job over Bill Yoast, a white coach with seniority.

Yoast reluctantly decides to stay as defensive coordinator.

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Together, the coaches must learn to trust each other and unite a group of players divided by prejudice and ignorance. But the subject matter is so disturbing to him he must summon courage to confront painful memories. The white school did. What makes this movie so important are the history lessons it will teach a generation of teenagers unfamiliar with the sacrifice individuals made to remove prejudice and discrimination from sports and society. This movie should show them that people can hate you because of the color of your skin, which is probably the most ridiculous thing in the world.

In a scene in the locker room at halftime of the championship game, Yoast, played by Will Patton, reveals how the season has changed his life. In Los Angeles, racial tension on athletic teams has largely disappeared, but the fight for equality continues in other areas, such as facilities, equipment and educational opportunities. Since , the Los Angeles Unified School District has bused students from the inner city to the San Fernando Valley as part of a mandatory and voluntary desegregation program. Improves skills such as control, passing, touch, volleying and technique by using any of the front curved ramp, rear rebounder or central target net.

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Great for improving player's crucial core skills. The Football Flick Urban Return Ball allows players to practice shooting, short and long passing, volleying, free kicks and freestyle - and the ball always comes back to you! Easily adjustable cord length for different spaces, distances and drills. Works on any surface, indoor or outdoor.

Size 5 ball can be removed and used independently. The Football Flick Urban Return Ball is an essential piece of kit when it comes to kids football accessories. Great for football training, it allows players to practice shooting, short and long passing, volleying, free kicks and freestyle - and the ball always comes back to you! Included in the set are 4 targets for use standalone or with the Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer.

Shoot into the movable basket hoop, mini target goal or the 2 target rings that can be fitted to any goal. Easy to assemble, the Football Flick Urban Skills Set can be used at home or with friends at the park. This Kids Football Training Set comes with 4 different target experiences to help you achieve your football goals. Shoot into the Moveable Basket Hoop, the 2 Target Rings which can be fitted to any goal or the Mini Target Goal, testing your shooting and passing accuracy with each piece of football equipment.

High quality, large 4'3 x 3'3' pop up target goal.


Lightweight frame for strength. Features reversible structure with 5 accuracy targets side or traditional open goal side. Use at home or take to the pitch or park. Instant set up, folds down in seconds.

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This high quality, 4'3 x 3'3' pop up target goal is the perfect piece of equipment for kids football training. With a lightweight frame and reversible structure, it can be set up with 5 accuracy targets or left open. Scientific Validation Programme in Partnership with. Continually pass the ball against the Angled Rebounder for 30 seconds or until either a misplaced attempt or mis-control.

May be half volley or full volley from 1. The test measures how long the player can continuously volley or half volley the ball against the surface and how many successful attempts are made.

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Continued application of this test measures and improves close control, reaction and repetitive muscle memory. Difficulty can be increased by:.

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  • Pass the ball 10 times using either foot from a 3 metre distance. Repeat for both the Curved Ramp and the Angled Rebounder, ensuring the ball is returned successfully to the player after each attempt. Continued application of this test will improve the basic technique of performing a ground pass and lofted pass which is a basic skill in the game, both feet can be measured under separate tests and the dif culty can be increased by implementing the following adaptations:.

    Pass the ball from 2 metres away into the Curved Ramp using either foot and then control the return using either foot, chest or thigh. Complete 10 attempts and control the ball to the stationary position within a circular area of 2. Time the speed of ball control to rest and how many controls remain in the target circle.

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